Committed to You and West Texas Football

Don’t tell Randy Harriman – director of sports medicine outreach for Abilene Bone & Joint – West Texas is not committed to high school football. He’ll be quick to tell you the attitude among the residents of Big Country regarding high school football is some of the most dedicated he’s experienced in his time as a sport medicine professional.

“That’s probably one of things I’ve enjoyed the most about what I do; the passion west Texans have is unmatched to anything I’ve ever seen before,” explains Randy.

Joining the Abilene Bone & Joint team almost eight years ago, Randy has established himself with the secondary schools as the leading resource to access medical care for athletic injuries. It’s fair to say Randy is prepared to meet the expectations of the ABJ leadership to access athletes and their related injuries, having grown the outreach services since taking over direction in 2013.

“We’ve grown from covering 12 to 20 games on a Friday night; it’s a great challenge to grow the program and still have fun doing it” says Randy.

A native of Arkansas, Randy was struggling about a selection for his college studies since he was unsure what would be a strong fit for his skills, while doing something he enjoyed, too. A friend suggested Abilene Christian University and sports medicine; so, Randy headed to Abilene. With his undergraduate completed, Randy attended Mobile, Alabama’s United States Sports Academy for his masters.

There’s little question if Randy is enjoying his time with ABJ. And, when asked, his answer is prompt and confident, “these guys really believe in what we do, and they give me the resources to do it”. “Their confidence makes my job easier and more enjoyable.” With the new addition of surgeons – like Dr. Sagar last year – Randy says it keeps his responsibilities “fresh and exciting.”

Randy travels in the ABJ branded truck and puts quite a few miles on it considering he travels the entire Big Country 12-county region. When he stops for gas or to grab a bite to eat Randy says almost every time someone makes a positive comment about ABJ or one of the surgeons. Those comments re-affirm his commitment in his work and ABJ.

Randy and his wife, Amy, have been married 36 years. None of their three grown sons have taken the same career path, he says “They are doing other things”.

When asked if Randy had anything to add, he replies: “I am extremely blessed to still be doing what I set out to do 37 years ago.”