With his degree in business management from the University of North Texas, physical therapist assistant Matt Lytle believed the business side of healthcare was his lifetime calling.

However, after a few years in healthcare operations and observing the physical therapy as a spectator, Matt found himself drawn to exploring a career change as a physical therapist assistant (PTA).

Matt attended Odessa College, and while completing his PTA studies, he met his wife of four years, Renée.

After they both graduated, they found themselves in Lubbock for a few years, then ultimately, Renée’s hometown of Abilene. Matt joined Hendrick Bone & Joint.  When asked where Renée is working, Matt replies proudly, “Renée works at Abilene Christian University in the kinesiology department and for a home health agency in Abilene.”

“Renée was somewhat eager to return to Abilene,” explains Matt, “growing up in west Texas myself, I found Abilene to be the ideal community both in size and offerings – both professional and personal.”

A physical therapist (PT) and a PTA share many patient care responsibilities. They differ the most because a PT is concerned with the diagnosis of the patient and developing a rehabilitation program. PTA’s focus is to assist in carrying out the plan of care and modifying activities appropriate to help the patient achieve all goals set forth in the plan of care.

Like his colleagues at Hendrick Clinic Bone & Joint, Matt’s experience at the clinic has been rewarding. His opportunities to work closely with the surgeons, coupled with the PTs on staff, have given him a perspective on patient care that initially surprised him.   The approach of taking care of the patient first, and worrying about details such as overhead costs or other challenges, has been a welcomed perspective for Matt.

“The compassion and integrity of our group is unparalleled; I am so fortunate to work with a team like this.   I love these physicians that I have a fantastic opportunity to work with,” states Matt.

When not working, Matt enjoys the outdoors, especially golf and hunting, chasing his 15-month-old son, Owen, and spending time with family and friends. Matt and Renée are members of Pioneer Drive Baptist Church.

A new year brings new changes, and Matt has an impressive one. Effective February, Matt has transitioned back to the administrative side of healthcare as Hendrick Bone & Joint’s practice manager.

With Matt’s fondness for the practice, there’s no doubt his care and compassion will serve him well in his new role.