We love to hear from our patients! It’s a help for new patients, and those facing a surgery, to read comments from our patients about their successful experience. If you’d like to share your experience with Hendrick Clinic Bone and Joint, please email spence@ab-j.com

“Dr. Cooke performed surgery on my right shoulder four years ago and it is doing great! I recently started having the same pain in my left shoulder and Dr. Cooke did surgery on it about a month ago. Now, I am doing PT at Action. I am doing exceptionally well and feel that my recovery is going great!”

Gloria Dawley

“I’ve been to ABJ for treatment on my neck, back, shoulder, and now my knee. I’ve seen doctors Watts, Cooke and Vann. They have all been great. I have to say I’ve been to other facilities, but ABJ/Action is by far the best.”

David Haynes

“I had neck surgery in Dallas a couple of years ago but continued to have some shoulder pain. Dr. Stark operated on my shoulder and it now feels great! Recently I had a quadricep tendon injury that required surgery by Dr. Cooke. I had to stay off of my leg for three months and then started PT with Action. Now, I am back to working out at the gym three days a week and walking FOUR miles four times a week.”

David Dillman

“The doctor said my x-rays and mobility are great. However, since I am still having pain in one area of my knee, he suggested an injection. So before I even realized he was doing it, it was done. He. Is. Wonderful. I honestly didn’t feel a thing (and I’ve had probably 20-30 injections in that knee over the years). We enjoy talking with him about all sorts of things and he always asks about our latest Florida trips.  If you need an ortho, Elliott Vann at Abilene Bone and Joint is AMAZING. And a bonus: he is a Christian.”



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